2016 VDF Deci Dela"Carignan", Athenais de Beru

2016 VDF Deci Dela"Carignan", Athenais de Beru

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2016 was a very frustrating year for many wineproducers including Athenais de Beru from Burgundy. Within a single dark cold night in April, she lost all the 2016 vintage from an unforgivable frost. Frost is usually common in Burgundy, especially in Chablis, but this time it has been worse than ever! However bubbly and stubborn Athenais always has the last say and the frost was not going to stop her from making wines!

She jumps into her old car and hits the roads towards the warm sunny South of France in search of hopes, new energies and above all healthy grapes from her friends the wineproducers. As she gets further South, she gets infatuated with Domaine Milan healthy vines and beautiful grapes, among some other wineproducers. She is determined to bring back some of these beautiful sunny grapes encountered throughout her trip and produce a pretty unique 2016 vintage called "Deci Dela" (meaning from here and there). This vintage is born from the union between the solidarity of the wineproducers community and Athenais's fantastic winemaking skills!

Every bottle of red and white will whisper a generous message of hope and true energy! Enjoy!


Vinification: Grapes coming from "Les Cotes Catalanes". Natural fermentation with indigenous. Whole bunch fermentation and ageing for 16 months in old oak barrels.