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We have created a new selection for you called The height of the Season. Design to captivate emotions and offers wines at their peak.
The name is inspired by a movie called “At the Height of the Summer” by Tran Anh Hung taking place in Hanoi. Having traveled to Vietnam personally a couple of years before watching the movie for the first time I was taken by the emotion and sense of place displayed during this slow pace yet exciting story.
I can see myself watching this movie on a warm evening with the 2018 Maskerade Rose from Gut Oggau, this still rose wine with a slight fizzy lift is generous in color, taste and texture yet refreshing!!
Revealing Terroir is an obsession for our producers, I have been lucky to witness with all of them how biodynamic farming could transform and reveal the true expression of a specific place. From Chablis where Athenais de Beru has gone from strength to strength to make incredible Chardonnay from the Kimmeridgian soil. The 2017 vintage is not only highly rated but has great energy.
Let’s stay a little longer in Burgundy to meet Emmanuel Giboulot with his Hautes Cotes de Nuits Pinot Noir from the outstanding 2015 vintage, revealing the depth of the limestone soils with great vibrations.
I associate Riesling as the language of the sea, salty mineral that work perfectly with seafood, and the “Kottabe” 2018 by Celine & Isabelle Josmeyer gives us a pure limestone expression.
I would like to stay by the sea with one of my favorite wines currently, Loureiro & Caino grapes looked after by Rodri Mendez in Galicia. Granit rock meet the Atlantic Ocean creating a red wine like no other, race, elegant, charismatic yet only 11.5% alcohol is an experience of its own. Perfectly in tune with the current warm weather.
And then there is the deliciously addictive “Slatnik” 2018 crafted by nature and Sasa Radikon, Friulano & Chardonnay macerated with the skin from "Ponca soil" which are layers of minerals from the prehistoric seabed, clay and sandstone. A wine journey cannot be complete without having discovered this golden nectar.
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    The Height of the Season - MIX SELECTION (6 bottles)
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